Saturday, July 16, 2011

Traditional Sketches of long ago....

That I might not post on Deviant Art :)

Here are a few that were for fun (and practice) the first two were from a Weight Watchers© magazine.

And then this one was a bunch of head shots practice. Some used references, two of which were from a the Digital Painting d 'artiste book by Ballistic publishing. It was worth the price, that book. :D

And finally some studies of Spyro© and Cynder© that I did before doing a commission of dragons for the first time. The first set was an exact copy, the second was a rethinking. You can see the final here on deviant art!


  1. Hiii! I thought I commented a few days back, but I guess it failed... Sadness. LOVE YOUR DRAGONS. I'm trying to learn how to draw dragons. But anyways, I wanted to say that's it's great you started a blog! I check my mail waaay more frequently than DA. Hope to see more posts..maybe?

    1. Hehe.....somehow I thought I commented here >___> My apologies OTL Thank you for commenting anyways!!! :D