Sunday, October 2, 2011


So I've been, for the past 73 days straight, drawing everyday. This image here is the beginning of the streak, but this here was the beginning of my 2011 page a day antics. I'll post last weeks works here today, and try for a once-a-week-updating (on Saturday or Sunday) with that week's work. That way I won't be pressured to remember to upload everyday. Here we go! :)

A. Loomis 32 (9.25.11)
FR 1 (9.26.11)

A. Loomis 33 (9.27.11)

A. Loomis study 34 9-28-11
FR 2 - 9-29-11

A. Loomis study 35 9-28-11

FR 3 - 10-01-11

Next week Sunday, I'll upload the week's drawings. When I hit my 100 day streak goal, I will stop uploading them at DA and continue to upload here. At DA I'd probably do a weekly sketch dump or something.  Ciao a tutti!  =)

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